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Prime 130
Petroleum Mining Leases 2, 3 and 4

PML 2, PML 3 and PML 4, formerly part of the converted block OML-130, occupies a combined extension of c. 318 km2. They are located  around 130 km off the coast in water depths ranging between 1,100 and 1,800 m in the Central Niger Delta.
Prime participates in their development not only as financial actor but also as a active technical partner. Operated by a consortium of oil companies, with various partners involved in exploration, development, and production activities, the field covers both offshore and deepwater areas, making it a technically complex and challenging operation. 
Working interest
TotalEnergies, CNOOC, Sapetro
Akpo, Egina
Main fields

PML 2 covers Akpo, a giant condensate field which has been in production since 2009.  The Akpo field is formed by a large anticline with high quality turbidite reservoirs. It has produced more than 650 mmbbl and still counts with significant remaining volumes. The wells are tied back to the Akpo floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel. The original field development plan plus six additional infills has been completed. Future infills, validated by recently acquired 4D seismic data (monitor 4), are planned to be drilled in the short term.


PML 3 covers Egina, a giant oil producing field since 2018. Egina is an elongated anticline structure with high quality turbidite reservoirs. It has produced more than 220 mmbbl of premier quality oil with low Sulphur content. The wells are connected to the Egina floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, which is the largest one ever built by TotalEnergies. The field is still under development following the original field development plan with additional opportunities being identified using 4D seismic (currently monitor 2).


PML 4 covers Preowei, the next big oil field development in Nigeria. This field has been successfully appraised by three wells and counts with a field development plan discussed and approved by the authorities. The development considers a sub-sea tie-in to the Egina FPSO, which is located 25 km away and was designed to received it. Similar to other developments, this field will also count with 4D seismic to optimize the future wells.

PPL 261

PPL 261 covers an area of 102 km2 and comprises the discovery Egina South, a significant oil and gas accumulation appraised by two wells and which is expected to be developed via the Egina FPSO in the mid-term.

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