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Prime 127

OML 127, located in the Niger Delta region, is a significant oil field operated by a consortium of oil companies, with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) holding the majority stake. Its operation has played a crucial role in Nigeria's oil production, contributing to the country's status as one of the largest oil-producing nations in Africa.
The primary purpose of OML 127 is to meet Nigeria's domestic energy needs while supporting export activities. Crude oil extracted from the field is transported through pipelines to refineries for processing. The refined products are then utilized domestically or exported to international markets, generating revenue for the country.
Additionally, OML 127 produces natural gas, which is used for power generation and various industrial applications. This utilization of natural gas contributes to Nigeria's energy security, reducing dependence on other sources and supporting the growth of the industrial sector.

Working interest
Chevron, Famfa Oil
Main fields

Being the second largest offshore field in Nigeria, the Agbami discovery was made in 1998. The block is in water depths ranging from 1,000 to 2,100 meters.
Following the Final Investment Decision (FID) in 2003, the field was unitized with OML 128 in 2005 and the first oil was produced in July 2008.

Production: xxx


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